Music has been fundamental to my growth and it has been my goal to share and teach music with others. I have been a working, professional musician since 2006 but have studied music for nearly 20 years on. As an instructor I teach music to people of all ages and interests. I also work in scoring music for films and stage productions, and perform in a variety of live musical ensembles from avante garde to symphony orchestras. I have honed my skills whilst studying with some remarkable musicians and professors:  Alica Eppinga, Dr. Carol VanRandwyk Ph.D., Prof. Bruce Uchimura, Stephen Redmon (Professor at Aquinas College), and Prof. James Fiste. In 2010 I relocated from Grand Rapids, MI to Austin, TX and continued my passion for teaching and performing music and now am operating a studio at 1200 Lakeway, TX.

“Music Through Education. Education Through Music.”