“I had been playing guitar off and on for around seven years before I started taking lessons with James. Mostly learning on my own from YouTube videos, but I have paid for lessons before. I originally just wanted to take a few lessons to brush up, but in the six months since, I have learned more than in the previous seven years combined. I had long ago given up hope of learning music theory, but James was able to explain it in a way that it just clicked for me. His teaching style is somehow both extremely patient yet demanding enough that you want to try your hardest to show him that you’ve got it. I would recommend James to anyone , whether the lessons are for someone completely new to music or someone like myself who had some background. He was always punctual, and has worked with me when my schedule threw a wrench in plans. Really can’t say enough about how happy I am with his methods and the personal gains that I’ve seen while taking lessons with James.”

Travis M.

“I highly recommend Jamie! He’s been teaching my daughters in our home for several years now, one on the cello and the other on piano. Both my daughters improved significantly after Jamie became their teacher. He had a talent for helping the child’s grow at their own pace and understands just how hard to push. Although our cellist is off at college , he continues to teach our other daughter piano. He really enjoys teaching music and both my daughters loved him. He has lots of patience and never seems impatient to leave or cut the lesson short. Many times he has taught longer than the allotted time. I believe anyone who chooses him as their music teacher will be happy.”

Michelle S.